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Scotland is great place to find large holiday accommodation as there is a huge variety of big farmhouses, manors, and of course Scottish castles to rent.

Going on holiday with a group of friends or another family can be a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday. You want to ensure that the house you rent has plenty of space and is large enough to accommodate everyone, so you don't feel on top of each other. The key to a successful holiday with a big party is space - a large holiday home will provide this.

Renting a big holiday house in Scotland is a popular way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary. Getting your whole family together in a large group for a holiday isn't something we regularly do nowadays so when it happens it makes for a memorable holiday. Castles are a specially fine location for a large party - huge public rooms, open fires and perhaps a tennis court or swimming pool. Some of the very large luxury holiday houses will come with a housekeeper or cook - but if they don't then do think about employing a cook - a luxury but surprisingly affordable as the cost is shared and it will make for a very relaxing holiday (particularly for the usual cooks in the family!).

Group accommodation can often be found in historic mansion houses or castles - Scotland has a large number of castles, mansions and big shooting lodges and a lot of them are rented out during the year. As many large holiday houses are very historic (and often listed properties) they offer elegant, luxury holiday accommodation for big groups. The gardens and landscaped parkland which historic mansions or castles are usually situated in are wonderful to explore and take relaxing walks in. You can live in very beautiful surroundings for a weekend with none of the responsibilities of the upkeep!

You simply can't beat Scotland for scenery and choice of properties. New Year or Christmas are popular times to get together with a large group of friends. Scottish castles are particularly sought after for Hogmanay or New Year holidays.

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